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A key to making changes to yourself and your life is to 'get out of your own way.' How do you know when you are in your own way? One sign is that you listen to your mind and not to your heart. Our mind has been shaped by the past, and is structured around what we have been taught by our parents, our teachers, our bosses, friends, society, and advertisers. We often don't pay attention to what we really want. When we don't, we invite irritability, anger, distress, and illness into our life. When you hear yourself saying words from the mind, 'I should' or 'I must,' instead of words from the heart and soul, such as 'I feel' or 'I wish' or 'I love' then you are listening to your mind. Our soul is talking to us always. We usually don't hear it. Our soul is present focused, in-the-moment. Listen to your heart, which speaks for your soul. Work toward fulfilling your soul's desires. It can be challenging but very worthwhile. Because we have difficulty 'catching ourselves thinking', a coach can help!